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Confessions Of A Control FreakYes, I admit it. Just like my book’s title suggest – I was once a control freak. I was an “old school” micro-manager! But the good news is I’ve seen the errors of my ways and I’m here to confess my sins. I’ve written this book with the hope that managers, team leaders and supervisors might gain some valuable insight into what it takes to be an effective and efficient 21st Century manager. New leadership skills are required for the workplace of today.

“The Top Ten Sins Most Managers Make & How to Avoid Them”
 are woven into the ten chapters of this book. Each chapter is dedicated to one of those sins. And yes – I’ve committed each one of them at one time or another over a 4o+ year career as a general manager for one of Canada’s most successful and respected companies and an award-winning entrepreneur. So I know from my own experiences what works and more importantly what doesn’t work when it comes to communicating and interacting with others. Today’s manager needs to do three things very well. They need to be able to communicate, educate and delegate. This book will teach them how.

“I have been reading your book and it is even better than I thought. It is not just a book for managers – it is a great book (great practical advice) to a person/employee. I was reading carefully the parts on how to increase/improve self-esteem and confidence. Wonderfully done – I love it.” – J.C. – CBSA

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  1. Thanks for providing me with a digital copy of your book. It’s chocked full of great insights. As I mentioned to you in the email, “Love the summaries at the end of each chapter. Also like how you write “Worth Remembering…” before you list a quote. I think that’s a nice touch. I think you have a good balance between your own personal voice (like you’re talking directly to me) and practical voice (sharing general knowledge).”

    I’m learning a lot as I read through it!

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