If You’re Not PLOCing – You’re Not Managing

Chickens do it and managers need to do it to. Managers need to learn how to PLOC. If you’re not PLOCing you’re not managing. You’re just wishing and hoping things will turn out all right. When it comes to managing individuals or directing an organization or department you can’t leave anything to chance.

To be a good PLOCer managers need to do three things very well. Managers need to be able to communicate, educate and delegate effectively and efficiently. You can be effective and not efficient. And efficient and not effective. You can be effective in getting the job done. But, not efficient because it took you to long to complete it. You can be efficient because you got the job done ahead of schedule. But, not effective because you had to redo it a second time because it wasn’t done satisfactorily the first time. It takes a good PLOCer to be both an effective and efficient manager.

Managers need to be able to:

Plan: You need to be very clear on what you want to accomplish and then put a plan together that will accomplish that goal. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect plan. Don’t wait for perfect. You can fine tune your plan as you go along if you aren’t getting the desired results. The important thing here is to start working your plan.

Lead: You need to be able to lead by example. Your team is looking to you for direction. You set the pace. You set the tone. And you don’t do that sitting in your corner office. It’s more important to be seen then heard. Manage by walking around. Be prepared to roll-up your sleeves when the situation warrants it.

Organize: Productivity is still the name of the game. You need to ensure that you are getting a significant return on your most valuable resource – Your time and your team’s time. Start off each day knowing what needs to be accomplished today. Who is going to do it, what the end result will look like and how long it’s going to take to complete it.

Control: People do what you inspect not what you expect. Your job as a manager is to monitor your team’s performance and remove any obstacles that are getting in their way. You can control the outcome by making sure everyone knows what is expected of them – and that they have all the tools they’ll need to do the job or complete the task.

Remember to Communicate often. Let your people know how they are doing – good or bad. Educate them by making sure they know how to complete the task – and Delegate the responsibility to those who are capable of completing the tasks – And then get out of their way and let them do it. (Resist the urge to Micro-Manage)

PLOCing may be for the birds – But it’s good for managers too.

Brian Smith, Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Management Consultant is considered by many to be a leading authority on soft-skills training and leadership development. He can be reached at brinleyconsulting@gmail.com