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Did you ever wonder why we do – what we do – when we do it? I’m a student of human behavior and as such I found Doris Nhan’s article – based on her conversation with Charles Duhigg – an investigative journalists and author of – “The Power of Habit” an interesting read. Are we creatures of habit? If we are creatures of habit then that means we can change how we go about doing things. A good habit produces a good result plain and simple. (Just like a bad habit produces a bad result) We are adults and we can learn new habits. (Easier said then done – right?) All you need to do is stop doing one thing and start doing another. And if you do it often enough, you’ll have created a new habit. Some experts suggest that if you do something 21 times in a row you’ll have created a new habit. What new habits are you working on? Enjoy the article – I hope it motivates you enough to keep you working at it. Cheers, šŸ™‚

Habits vs. decisions: Why you do what you do | SmartBlogs.


  1. Good stuff. I’m working on that one. I’m doing a much better job controlling what and when I eat – The next goal is to exercise for a least 15 minutes a day – 4 times in a 7 day cycle. Wish me luck. – Cheers.

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