Not everyone knows how to manage. Managers are not born – they are made. Your success as a manager will depend on your ability to communicate and interact effectively. If you don’t like being around people and helping others be successful – then you are going to be a dud manager. Great article here by Robert Whipple – The Trust Ambassador on that very subject. Well worth the read. Enjoy 🙂

Look around your place of work and identify a manager who is clearly a dud. It is not hard to spot these individuals. Of course, you can find a spectrum of problem managers, from mildly annoying to completely abusive. These managers take advantage of people, work at cross purposes to their true objectives, destroy trust, beat down people, obliterate the culture, and habitually turn in poor or even disastrous performances. The simple question for this article is why they are allowed to continue.

Bosses have numerous reasons for leaving an incumbent dud manager in power. Below is a listing of some of the more common reasons. This is a representative list, and it is not an exhaustive one.

1. Nepotism in its various forms is one cause. If the boss’ son is a jerk, he will cause a lot of damage and still (usually) keep his job. Any kind of…

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