Women Make The Best Bus Drivers

I love watching people. I’m not talking about stocking here – just watching. People are facinating. You gotta wonder some times what motivated them to do what they do. How they talk, walk and act. What makes people act that way? What compelled them to dress that way? And based on my observation – women are much better at jobs that require dealing with the public. Generally speaking women seem to have better social skills. They seem to smile more, interact with others more and have a pleasant outlook on life more.

Have you taken public transit lately? I take the bus quite often and it just seems to me that women bus drivers are more likely to greet you with a smile and a pleasant hello – as opposed to a male bus driver who barely acknowledges you at all.

Working with the public – isn’t for everyone – I get that.  But if you aren’t happy doing what you do – do yourself and everyone else a favor and pick an alternative career – because you aren’t going to be all you should be with this one. At least learn to act like you’re glad to see me. Hey – That’s all I’m sayin.