Where Men Leaders are Better Than Women – Dan Rockwell

Dan’s article – “Where Men Leaders are Better Than Women” got me thinking about a great book I read some time ago by Dee Dee Myers. Dee Dee Myers – author of “Why Women Should Rule The World” – believes that women are more successful at managing and running small businesses than men because women can make people accountable for their actions but, they can also be there to support them. “Females have that trait, where maybe most males do not.” Empathy – the ability to see things from someone else’s point of view. It’s argued that women come by empathy naturally and most men have to work at it. I believe it can be a learned behavior. With out it – men are going to have a difficult time building collaborative teams, establishing relationships and managing others. You can’t start and run a business by yourself. We may be living in a world of high-tech but success is still about high-touch. EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is just as important – if not more important – than IQ. You don’t have to be the smartest person in the room to be the most successful. But you do have to be able to communicate and interact effectively with others. If you can’t communicate – you can’t manage – period. Enjoy the read – Cheers. 🙂

Where Men Leaders are Better Than Women « Leadership Freak.

Highly successful retailers invest in store employees  – Zeynep Ton 8

The only competitive advantage that you have to set yourself apart from your competitors – is the level of customer service you provide. It’s not price – or selection – it’s the quality of your sales team and their ability to develop relationships with your target market. Trust me – I spent 40+ years as a general manager for a major retailer and an owner / operator of my own small business. And based on my experiences – companies that train their people on how to provide exceptional customer service – outpace those companies that don’t in every category that counts – including the bottom line. I hope you enjoy the article written by Zeynep Ton. Let me know what you think.

Highly successful retailers invest in store employees  – Business |theeastafrican.co.ke.

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude As a Business Owner

I believe everything that happens to you in life – even the negative things – are positives. Even the negative things that happen are positives because they present you with an opportunity to grow – an opportunity to learn from them and move on. Attitude – your attitude is a choice that only you get to make. Only you get to decide how you want to react to any given situation. (Between stimuli and response – lies choice – a choice only you get to make) Your attitude is 100% in your control. React in a way that is going to get you want you want. To react any differently is a total waste of energy and time. Enjoy the video and have yourself one heck of a great day. 🙂

Are Women Better Leaders than Men? – Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman – Harvard Business Review

Are Women Better Leaders than Men? – Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman – Harvard Business Review.