What Legacy Will You Leave Behind? 9

A hero, a teacher, a mentor, a coach – both on and off the field. A good father – a father who loved his six children unconditionally and was proud of the adults they had become. He loved his grand children and his great-grandchildren. A man who adored his wife – and for the 66+ years that they were married he did everything he could to make her the centre of his world.

A go getter. An achiever. Someone who was all in no matter what he was doing. He figured if you are going to put in the effort – you might as well give it your all – because you just never know how far it will take you or where you’ll end up.

He was a kind man who reached out to his friends when ever he could.  He was fun to be around and hang out with. He was a story-teller. He was not a saint or a sinner. He believed in God but didn’t force his beliefs on others. He was a proud Canadian who wore his colours on his sleeve and fought to defend our rights and freedoms.

He was my Dad. He passed away yesterday on his terms – quietly and at peace. I will miss him dearly. I have a lifetime of memories to keep me company until we meet again. Bye Dad – I love you – but you already knew that. 🙂


  1. Please accept my sympathy for your loss – Reading about your Father made it clear that his was a life well lived, and he will continue to live on in the hearts of both your family and all of those who had the privilege to know him.


  2. Sorry to hear the news Brian. He left his mark on you and a very good one at that. Its that time of life for a lot of us, losing parents. Mine are still here and I call them every week. The older I get the more I appreciate who they are and all they have given me from birth till now. I,m digging into their lives with questions to know more who they are. Sadly when I was young they were just my parents. Now I realize they were and are much more than that. They are much of what made me. I recognize the good they inputted in me….the bad stuff…well I,ll take the blame for that.


  3. I am very sorry to hear about the loss of your dad Brian, it is a blessing to have such loving memories of your dad. Your description of him makes me think you were very much alike.



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