You Ruin Good People By Promoting Them

Do automotive technicians make the best service managers or shop foreman? Do great athletes have what it takes to be a successful coach? Just because people are good at what they do – doesn’t mean they’ll be just as good in a management position. You ruin good people by promoting them if you aren’t prepared to help them take on a new role. Not everyone has what it takes to manage and lead others. Managing is about people. If you don’t like being around people and helping them succeed, you will be a lousy manager. Managing and leading others isn’t about what you know – it’s about being able and willing to teach others what you know.

Worth Rememberng … “One of the most important things about being a manager is to rule with a heart. You have to know the business, but you have to know what is at the heart of business, and that’s people.” – Oprah

Hiring a good manager or promoting from within starts with the selection process. What key characteristics should you be looking for in your managers? If you had to create a list of the qualities you believe a good manager or leader must have – what would you put on that list? Honesty, integrity, a great communicator, and listening to others would be a good start. Managers and leaders should be open-minded, flexible, patient and empathetic. Respecting others and being respectful is a 2-way street – You must give it to get it.

Worth Remembering … “We are being judged by a new yardstick; not just how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also by how well we handle ourselves and each other.” – Daniel Goleman

I believe we aren’t born knowing how to manage and lead others. I think it is a learned behaviour. We all make certain assumptions based on our own experiences and perceptions about the kind of role we think managers and leaders should play. But we also know from experience that our perceptions may not always be correct and that sometimes we have to change our thinking. Today’s managers and leaders need to change how they manage and lead others to stay in step with these changes. Twentieth-century thinking doesn’t cut it anymore. Just because someone has been there the longest or has the most experience doing what they do – doesn’t mean they’ll be good at managing or leading others. You ruin good people by promoting them if you aren’t prepared to teach them how to manage and lead the 21st century way.

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