Why Delegation Fails and What You Can Do About It.

Some managers and business leaders still believe that they must be involved in all things to control things. The truth of the matter is – it’s bigger than you are. You can’t be in all places at the same time. You physically can’t be looking over everyone’s shoulder all of the time. The key to managing and leading in today’s world is about inclusion, not exclusion – the more you give up control, the more you’ll have control.

Worth Remembering … “In the digital age, you need to make knowledge workers out of every employee possible.” – Bill Gates

Delegation fails when we fail to give up some of our control. Delegation fails when we fail to allow others to decide on a course of action. Delegation fails when we hold them accountable for the results but we failed to give them the tools they’ll need to accomplish the task. When you fail to delegate, you are robbing others of their opportunity to grow. What is it about sharing some of your responsibilities with others that scares you?

Worth Remembering … “You establish some objectives for them, provide some incentive, and try not to direct the detailed way in which they do their work.” – David Packard

Think of all the tasks that you do and list them on a piece of paper. Look over your list and circle the ones that only you can do. (Promotions, salary reviews, disciplinary actions, etc.) – If you are honest with yourself, there must be some items on your list that you didn’t circle. Those are the tasks that you can delegate. Think about who on your team is capable of completing those tasks.

Eight Easy Steps to Effective Delegation

1 – Decide what you want to delegate.

2 – Decide who is capable and, most importantly, who is willing to take on more responsibility.

3 – Create a teachable moment. Teach them how to perform the task.

4 – Ask questions, so you know they understand what needs to be done.

5 – Monitor their performance. People do what you inspect not what you expect.

6 – Keep the lines of communication open. You need to make yourself available to answer any questions or concerns they have.

7 – Hold them accountable for the results but be sure you have given them all the tools they need to complete the task.

8 – Praise performance. Recognize what has been accomplished and be quick to praise for a job well done.

Delegation fails when you fail to allow others to grow. What are you going to do about it?

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