To Promote or Not to Promote? That is The Question

Making the transition from worker to manager is very difficult, and it can be even more difficult if you are promoted from within the same department or peer group. You’re a co-worker one week, and the following week, you’re their manager. The things that helped you get noticed on the shop floor are essential, and there’s no question you’ll need to bring those qualities with you into your new position. But you’ll most likely have to add some new skills to your manager’s tool kit if you want to be noticed by those in the corner office.

Worth Remembering … “A common core of personal and social abilities has proven to be the key ingredient in people’s success: emotional intelligence.” – Daniel Goleman

What makes a worker promotable? What qualities does a worker have that make them management material? Are you basing your decision on their technical ability or ability to get along with and manage others? (Hard-skills versus soft-skills). Managing and leading others is about people. If they don’t like being around people and helping people to be successful, they’ll be lousy managers. It’s not about what they know. Managing and leading others is about teaching others what they know and helping to build collaborative teams.

Worth Remembering … “One of the most important things about being a good manager is to rule with a heart. You have to know the business, but you also have to know what is at the heart of the business, and that’s people.” – Oprah.

Sixty-seven percent of the competencies needed to work with and manage or lead others are emotionally based. Think about that the next time you are looking to promote someone. Promote someone who has excellent people skills. Someone open-minded, flexible, empathetic, patient, a good listener and communicator, and interacts well with others. Promote someone who can work with others to resolve conflict, problem solve and motivate them to perform at their personal best. To promote or not to promote? That is the question.

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