We Need Leaders Who We Can Trust & Believe In

What does it say about the world we live in when we question the honesty and integrity of the people in leadership positions both in government and the private sector? What does it say about the world we live in when governments need to pass laws requiring Chief Executive Officers and Chief Financial Officers of Corporations to sign off on their company’s financial results? And if found to be false, they can face criminal prosecution. Now – more than ever, we need leaders who we can trust and believe in.

Worth Remembering … “Leaders walk their talk; in true leaders, there is no gap between the theories they espouse, and their practice.” – Warren Bennis

What does it say about a leader if they behave one way in public and behave a different way behind closed doors? Does that mean there are two kinds of ethics: business and personal? If there are two kinds of ethics, does that mean it’s ok to lie, cheat and con your customers and employees, but not your family and friends? At times, it must get confusing for leaders to remember what hat they’re supposed to be wearing.

Worth Remembering … “In organizations where people trust and believe in each other, they don’t get into regulating and coercing behaviours. They don’t need a policy for every mistake. People in these trusting environments respond with enormous commitment and creativity.” – Walter Wriston.

What are ethical or unethical behaviours? How should a true leader behave? True leaders keep their word and honour their commitments. True leaders don’t just promise to stick up for people and have their back – they do it. True leaders don’t just preach fairness; they practice it. And they don’t just counsel others about honesty and integrity; they live it every day, both in public and behind closed doors. What they say and their actions are congruent. They are the same. You can’t be ethical some of the time – you must be ethical all the time. You can’t be ethical at home and not at work or vice versa. You’re either ethical, or you’re not. We need leaders who we can trust and believe in.

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