Trust Is Not A Given – You Have To Earn It Every Day

Do your team members trust you? Just because you’ve been given the title of manager or have taken on a leadership role doesn’t automatically mean they will trust you. It takes time to establish trust. You’ve got to earn it. Building trust is an ongoing process that requires you to be reliable and confident.

Worth Remembering … “In organizations where people trust and believe in each other, they don’t get into regulating and coercing behaviours. They don’t need a policy for every mistake. People in these trusting environments respond with enormous commitment and creativity.” – Walter Wriston.

Here are six strategies for building trust.

1.Be predictable. Team members need to know how you will react in any situation, especially if they are the bearer of bad news.

2. Stay true to your word. Whatever you say you are going to do – do it. Your word must be your bond. If they can’t trust what you say – they won’t trust you.

3. Build rapport. People like to work with people they like. Go out of your way and get to know your team members for more than just their job. Create a genuine relationship that goes beyond the confines of the office or shop floor.

4. Treat everyone the same. I know we all have our superstars that will do anything and everything we ask of them. However, you can’t show favouritism. You must be fair and consistent and treat everyone the same.

5. Always do what is right. Being a manager or leader is not about being liked. It is not a popularity contest. Sometimes you have to make tough decisions that not everyone will appreciate or agree with.

6. Establish open and honest communication. Put all your cards on the table. Tell the truth. If they catch you in a lie – they will never trust you again.

Worth Remembering … “We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other.” – Robert Peterson.

Trust can inspire your team, boost productivity, encourage engagement and motivate others to perform at their personal best because they don’t want to let anyone down. As a manager or leader, it’s up to you to build and maintain trust in your workplace. Trust is not a given – you need to earn it every day.

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